The Impact Of The Metaverse In the Crypto space

And How Hololoot Leverages on this Oppurtunity to bring you the best service there is.

Before the rise of the metaverse and Gamefi, cryptocurrency and blockchain mainly focused on Defi.Sure, NFTs were around sure, but people mostly capitalized on just creating their art and selling it on the market just like an art gallery auction. The concept of NFTs used in a much larger scale like the metaverse was not looked into. With the influx of the Metaverse, NFTs have a usecase now. Gaming can be more enjoyable and realistic to play and one can communicate-basically be in another person’s space without actually being in there.

In times past , gamers normally were referred to as people who are broke and didn't have anything serious to do with their lives since they spent all day in front of their screens playing games. Thanks to blockchain and Gamefi, that has changed as there are now play to earn games which gamers cannot only play the game they love but earn money from doing so.

Hololoot is all about that and even more.As a project, Hololoot is introducing Augmented Reality(A.R) into the Metaverse in addition to being an NFT marketplace and NFT generator, it is set to be revolutionary, affecting both the blockchain space and real-life society as well.

Picture this:You being able to create your piece of furniture, art-work or any collection in 3D, then have it traded for its real-life replica. In the this AR world where it is even created, you can touch it, feel it and interact with it , thanks to AR technology.


AR NFTs are now a trend but an unexplored area in the blockchain space. It is a major new category, where Creators suffer from a lack of to create AR NFTs from their designs. Hololoot plans to utilize that by using proprietary AR technology to create a no-code AR NFT generator and Marketplace unlocking important revenues and oppurtunities

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DeFi Ambassador| Content Creator| Copywriter

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Akanimo Rex

Akanimo Rex

DeFi Ambassador| Content Creator| Copywriter

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