SPACE: Keplerswap’s Innovative Feature

Keplerswap has a couple of features which is meant to keep users engaged and also solve DeFi 1.0 problems.
SPACE is among one of the insightful feature of the KeplerSwap ecosystem.
SPACE is a function that helps build bridges among users by encouraging users to participate in referral programs and other SPACE activities. It helps in expanding the user benefits and building an autonomous and decentralised community.

How does it work?

First, a user can join SPACE by
Creating SPACE: This happens when a user participates in a liquidity by theirselves or recommends other users to provide liquidity to meet the established criteria. The user who does this can generate a SPACE and he/she is called a SPACE owner.
A SPACE owner has two benefits;
Owners will get extra reward, the higher the number of SPACE members and the higher the total number of members participating in liquidity pool, the higher the reward.
There is a vote every 30 days and the top 20 SPACE owners will share the 30 days accumulated reward from the SPACE POOL.
Note:A user can choose to join SPACEs and vote for other SPACEs if they don’t own a SPACE.


  • Every token holder will have the right to vote for SPACE, each account can only join one SPACE permanently
  • The voting period is 7 days, with the first 5 days being the voting period, and the last two days being the counting period.
  • Each user can choose to vote for all SPACEs including their own SPACE, voting is not compulsory.

The number of votes a user has is based from the mapping of his/her assets (portifolio), equal to the token balance plus the number of token lockups he/she has engaged in the liquidity pool. At the start of the voting, a snapshot of the user’s current balance and assets will be taken.


SPACE is the cornerstone of eco-building. In the future , SPACE owners are free to propose and initiate resolutions to vote while SPACE members can exercise their voting right actively. This brings true governance and the concept of Decentralised Autonomous Organization is truly realized .
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