$SDS Launch Draws Closer: price predictions and speculations

Akanimo Rex
2 min readSep 14, 2021


Launching of a coin is part of a milestone a project needs to conquer on its journey in the blockchain ecosystem. Coins are listed daily as the popularity of crytocurrencies begin to spread and this helps to increase awareness and the coins hitting an All Time High is good for the projects.

Keplerswap’s $SDS is no different. With the unique, innovative, and revolutionizing use case keplerswap brings to the table, their governance token stands a chance of skyrocketing, rewarding investors and holders, and putting the project on top as the forefront of the crypto-space.

More About $SDS Token

$SDS (Seeds token) is the governance token of Keplerswap, the revolutionary project which is rolling out Defi 2.0. Holders of this coin will have governance rights i.e (They will be able to make certain decisions that will affect the project in general). Holders will also be able to do other things like Deposit, Stake, Lend , SPACE creation and LUCKY POOL participation.

The total supply is 210,000,000, 80% of the SDS will be generated from mining , 10% SDS are for private placement and 10% will be for marketing and other business related activities.

Price Speculation

$SDS launch is coming up third week of September and is generating enough hype and awareness as the date comes closer. The pre-sale is ongoing and people(KOLs) are invited to participate . The presale price is 1SDS =0.2USDT, and on listing, price tends to go a thousand percent or at least, double its listing price.


Unlike memecoins,this is a long-term project, so therefore it will hold water and maintain its usefulness while it grows in price and popularity. They plan on listing on major exchanges such as pancakeswap and Binance, this will boost the number of transactions carried out to purchase the token, hereby boosting the price and plus the general uptrennd of the market recently, we might be looking at 1SDS = $100 before the year runs out.

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