Polkawar: The Next Big Metaverse Gaming Platform

Gaming has been one of our ways to unwind, after a hard day’s work, stressful situation or generally to take our mind off things. Thanks to the decentralised world of today. Gaming has been upgraded to be more realistic, fun and one can earn from it.

Introducing PolkaWar

Polkawar is a decentralised fighting game on the Polkadot network. It is built with the aim to provide a vivid fighting world in the metaverse.

In this game, every participant is able to create their own character and engage in combat with other players. PolkaWar will also have an NFT marketplace where players can trade their stuff, guns, and enhanced equipment in exchange for cryptocurrency. Some of the products can even be exchanged for real-life counterparts.
With the market cap of NFTs rising and its popularity as well, it is definitely a good move for the blockchain gaming industry and beyond.

Key Products Of Polkawar

Polkawar Realm Characters and Weapons

The game will have three types of character system:

  1. Warrior: The Warrior is a character with high strength and the most powerful one in the PolkaWar game.
    Weapons: Sword, Big Knife, Tessen
The Magician

2. Magician: The magician is the character with the mysterious magic, supernatural tricks and inherits the power of the evil darkness.
Weapons: Magic Vase, Sceptre


3. The Archer: The archer is a character with fast attack speed and possesses angelic beauty.
Weapons:Bow & Arrow, Gun

— Health Points (HP): 25

— Melee Points (MP): 25

— Physical Attack (PAtk): 9

— Physical Defense (Pdef): 5

— Attack Speed (Speed): 1 hit/s

— Accuracy: 2

Polkawar Marketplace

This is a market place for the trading of all in-game NFT items. It requires PWAR tokens as fees and it is operated by an automated smart contract.

The marketplace basically consists of weapons and equipment for the game and the realm.These items are generated / provided by the PolkaWar blockchain NFT based game and are increasingly diversified in terms of quality and quantity.


What makes it unique is that , PolkaWar Marketplace does not allow players to create their own NFTs, but requires them to collect and trade, according to the available items in the system and possessed by their in-game character.These items include weapons and equipment with different levels.

The main currencies used on the marketplace are BNB and PWAR tokens. To participate in trading on the market, players are required to own a certain amount of PWAR tokens, used as fees and collateral. The fee amount is equal to 1% of the transaction amount and the mortgage amount to sell the item is 10% of it’s value. This is one of the mechanisms used to increase the value of the PWAR token.

PWAR Token

$PWAR is the native token used in PolkaWar blockchain based NFT game realm


  • Governance: Token holders can participate in the decentralized governance process that decides on the use of revenues, game development and growth.
  • Farming reward: Liquidity providers will be able to earn more profit by locking LP tokens
  • Staking reward: Users can stake PWAR tokens to earn more tokens and gems to level up equipments.
  • Marketplace fee: They are used to pay for goods and services in the NFT marketplace. For instance: if you want to sell your NFT on PolkaWar marketplace, you must pay an small amount of PWAR tokens as fee and they will be burnt for ecosystem development
  • Renting fee: An NFT renting platform is expected to be built for PolkaWar Realm users. This will allow users the ability to lease their own characters to others for battle and receive the fees in exchange, if they aren’t playing the game actively themselves.
  • Play to earn: Users can earn PWAR tokens through participating in game battles
  • Purchase Game Items: PWAR can be used to purchase in-game weapons, equipments and exchange NFTs to physical items


Polkawar is going to be revolutionary with the amount of work and metaverse concept going on. They have partnerships with Polkabridge and ChinaPolka and more are still incoming. They have big things planned for the future and all we have to do is wait and support as we soon get to experience this awesomeness.

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Akanimo Rex

Akanimo Rex

DeFi Ambassador| Content Creator| Copywriter

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