The Journey so far :Keplerswap

If you are a crypto enthusiast, investor or just looking for the next big thing to hit the blockchain space. I have got one for you.It is described as the most challenging decentralized financial miracle of the year. KeplerSwap is building a new DeFi ecosystem which is BSC-based with massive Liquidity, LUCKY POOL and SPACE at its core.
Recently, KeplerSwap’s official website has been iterative, while the project’s white paper has been updated and the community has been conducting the latest round of airdrops simultaneously. After Certik completes the code audit, KeplerSwap will launch IDO and global public testing, just one step away from the project’s official takeoff.
I will be taking you through their roadmap from the very beginning to their future plans


The idea of Keplerswap was born

Developing Technology , Logic and business models

Startup of keplerswap


Starting Keplerswap Global Beta test;Officially launching Keplerswap;Launch SDS

Open portal to all types of tokens

Launch multi-chain product and platform token; realize cross-chain aggregation trading

Achieve Decentralized Autonomy Organization (DAO)

Public chain Development

Enabling the financial conversion of physical and digital assets


With the following information, it is obvious that Keplerswap is putting in the work to be innovative and come out with a product that will really solve problems in the blockchain ecosystem.
Currently,their official Twitter account has 92,000 followers , Official community Twitter account has 73,000 followers , Official Telegram group has 104,000 followers KeplerSwap official YouTube channel has 36,200 followers. This just shows to prove the good work Keplerswap is doing
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