Keplerswap: The future of DeFi

Akanimo Rex
2 min readAug 10, 2021


Decentralised finance has been revolutionary and is solving many problems centralised finance could not and it’s not shocking .It has increased the immeasurable value that sovereign digital currency has created. DeFi is currently at version 1.0 and and this has limitations like it’s uncertainty and scalability.

Currently most projects are associated with taking insurance and their purpose is to increase minting of tokens these projects have not only have not generated new innovation to cryptocurrency , distribution and community management. Users do not participate in community governance or governance. Due to the lack of governance, most miners are only focused on high reward tokens at the early stage. This has negative impact on DeFi development and liquidity on the platform.

Introducing Keplerswap

Keplerswap solves this problem by rolling out DeFi 2.0. By establishing a sustainable cross-chIn decentralised finance system under this new version, Kepler technical team plans to overcome such recurring situation

Advantages of Keplerswap DeFi2.0 over DeFi1.0

  • Keplerswap is dedicated to breaking the old trading model of DeF 1.0 by creating a strong vertical link between users and horizontal link between all members in the ecosystem making Keplerswap the standard dynamic trading platform
  • Kepler swap offers a weekly lucky pool to incentivise outstanding liquidity pool providers. It helps to maintain and interest in user liquidity contribution.
  • Kepler swap office SPACE Conttribution Award to reward Outstanding SPACE Owners. A SPACE owner is defined as a market maker that creates an amount of liquidity to the system members are pulled for outstanding SAPCE owners.
  • Governance: The Founding team will delegate the governance right and decision-making power to the community members as soon as possible. When all decisions are jointly made by members in decentralized governance model is formed.
  • cross-chain platform: Keplerswap provides a sophisticated and open cross-chain platform for DeFi services only. By realising this technology innovation technologists and influences can tap into this blossoming green field project for countless innovative DeFi project ideas.

Goals Kepler hopes to Achieve

  • Distribute transaction fees to users that provide liquidity and market-making activities to encourage long-term rigid liquid funds.
  • Encourage users to expand horizontal link voluntarily and protect advantage as assets.
  • Not engage in taking distributions in the form of ICOs and achieve decentralized assets.

This project needs to be looked into because it seems to bring with it the solutions to all what the past version of decentralisation had.

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Akanimo Rex

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