Keplerswap Global Test Whitelist

Before any application is launched, it is important for it to be tested. This is very necessary as this would help reveal any underlying bugs found in the application or generally to test its ability against multiple users. That is no different in the blockchain ecosystem. Projects have to go through intensive testing and reviews before going public or live because it would be a disaster both to the owners of the project and the community at large because people’s funds can go missing and the credibility of the project can be at stake. No one wants that, right?-right?

For this reason ,Keplerswap plans to undergo a test of its own and it is becoming one of the most talked about event to happen this month. Keplerswap aims to launch their native and Governance token, (SDS) , first on Keplerswap Decentralised Exchange before any other exchanges, either Centralised or Decentralised.

The Global Test will go this way:

Your performance can be seen and ranked by the team by submitting the necessary information in the form.

This is also an added advantage for SPACE, one of Keplerswap’s features which allows you to refer your friends to join your personal community and earn together.

After the whitelist, the selected participants will be sent a mail with instructions on the next step to take.

After that, we prepare for the big launch which is set for October 27th!

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