Kepler:More than just a Planet

Akanimo Rex
2 min readAug 24, 2021


Kepler, the planet was named after the space mission that collected data for a new habitable planet after earth is being damaged beyond repair. Nine years of work and research was put into this, and the results came out fruitful as the planet showed much promise of harboring life and sustainance.

This can be said for keplerswap_dex . In a world of blockchain technology and decentralised finance, the old ways (Defi1.0) is getting used up with lots of problems and limitations ,making it quite stressful to use. Kepler promises a change to that with Defi 2.0.


With a total upgrade of all Defi1.0 used to be, Keplerswap breaks the norms by building a strong horizontal and vertical network.That is, cooperation of partners belonging to the same chain for vertical networks. Meanwhile, horizontal networks refer to coopereation among firms which are primarily competitors. It promises to be a ‘state of the art’ financial governance innovation.

In details, Keplerswap beats the legacy Defi1.0 basic features, such as platform coins,Decentrilised loans, Assets exchange, Mainstream coins and coin listing by introducing additional features such as Jumbo Lucky pool, Open technology , Open Finance and SPACE contribution award and this will build strong eco-activity and link all eco-members hence achieving true decentralization.

This is a good cause for excitement about this innovative development as this will revolutionize the whole blockchain ecosystem. As we await and prepare ourselves to move into this new decentralised financial world, we need to to come together as a community to build this project further and show the support needed for Keplerswap to stand strong. You and I , can do this.

Thank you.

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