Important Events to Happen in Keplerswap

Keplerswap has been putting in the work these past weeks working towards the launch of their token this October. In regards to that, Keplerswap launched the first round of their token’s public sale on October 15th and it was sold out in 6 minutes- amazing, isn’t it? Goes to show that people are willing and excited to see the change and innovation Keplerswap sets to bring.

Second Public Sale

Due to the fact that people could not buy enough of the token, Keplerswap decided to launch a second round of the public sale.

Heres the information about it:

-Hard cap: 4,000,000 SDS


  • $O.5 (Sold out)
  • $0.8 (Now)
  • $1(Coming soon)
  • Purchase Limit: 5000 USDT

This time, everybody can participate in this sale, not only whitelisted members

Keplerswap uses the mechanism called Vesting, which involves giving the whitelisters , their token share by share over time. This is necessary to prevent price dumping by the presale and public sale buyers on token launch.

You could participate in the public sale by using this link:

And the steps on how to participate are here.

Global Beta Test

Next to happen is the Global Beta Test , which involves whitelisting participants from all over the world to test the beta Keplerswap Dapp.

The maximum to the participants is 200 members, and every country is restricted to only 3 to 5 whitelist participants. Eligible whitelisters are carefully selected and they are shown to be true believers of Keplerswap and its value to the blockchain ecosystem and they are also ecological contributors.

The Global Beta Test will go live on October, 20th.

Keplerswap Launch

After a successful testing, the Keplerswap platform goes live on October 27th, 2021.


We hope that a smooth sail of events follow through, and there is no hinderance as Keplerswap, on their end , cannot wait to present us with this revolutionary opportunity. Rest assured, there is more planned for the future of Keplerswap by looking at the roadmap.

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DeFi Ambassador| Content Creator| Copywriter

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Akanimo Rex

Akanimo Rex

DeFi Ambassador| Content Creator| Copywriter

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