How to Add Liquidity on Openocean’s swap

Akanimo Rex
2 min readAug 19, 2021


Openocean has a variety of features just for users. Among them is the staking feature which is if two types:

  • The single staking
  • The liquidity staking

For Liquidity staking to happen, one has to add liquidity on one of the $OOE pairs. Today I’ll be giving you steps on how to add liquidity to your pairs on openocean.

Step one

Go to openocean and click “farms" on the navbar

Step Two

Select farm pools you want to supply liquidity to(any of the pairs with $OOE) and click “Get LP token" to supply and receive the LP tokens

Step Three

Enter enter the desired amount you wish to supply.

Note: The token pair must be of equal value according to the token pair ratio in the pool. Once you enter the amount of one of the tokens, the system automatically calculates the corresponding amount of the other one make sure you have sufficient amounts in your wallet for the token pair.

Step Four

Click click “unlock wallet" to connect your wallet to openocean.

Step Five

Click “supply” . if it is your first time to use the specific token, you need to approve tokens first.

Step Six

Click “confirm supply"

Step Seven

Confirm the transaction from your wallet

You can click “ view on Bscscan" to check your onchain results after adding your liquidity successfully. You can also view your transaction history in the pool after short while, you will see your LP token balance at the bottom.

Viola!! You’re done. Hope you’ve learnt from this and you can go try it.