How Do I Get Profits from Keplerswap?

This question must have been ravaging your mind after when you first came across the Keplerswap project and its news of its launching of its token soon.

Keplerswap is a project with lots of potential and future and with the amazing usecase they have, it is very obvious that they will be the next big thing in the crypto space.

Well below, I highlighted some of the ways you could make it big by just working with this innovative project coming up. Lets dive in

1. Public Sale

Keplerswap launched the public sale of their token on 26th September. A good way of making profit is by partaking in the public sale which goes for a very low price. Aping it at that moment puts you on an advantage because on listing, price tends to double or even triple its presale price, hence putting in you on instant profit.


SPACE is a next-level feature created by Keplerswap which fosters community growth and unity and good news, you can earn tokens while doing so!
A space owner earns through the liquidity farming of his/her SPACE members while the SPACE members earns too.Read more about SPACE feature here

3. LUCKY pool

You could earn fro LUCKY pool too. In this feature, a smart contract will select a random amount of users who have created liquidity on the project before and is given rewards. These rewards are gotten from the accumulation of funds from the transaction made. The pool is ran every seven days and you stand a chance of getting lucky as far as you provided liquidity. Read more about LUCKY pool here

4. Community Participation

Keplerswap is a growing community full of opportunities blooming at every corner. A great way to profit from Keplerswap is by being part of their community and participating in their tasks. People earn from doing tasks which are beneficial to the community e.g helping the developers by testing their dApp, helping to contact influencers and investors to check the project out. This is seen as an active service to your community and one tends to be rewarded for that effort.


There are other opportunities as well , such as their future airdrop for holders of their token or NFTs, all you have to do is dedicate yourself to help build the community and you will see the profits coming your way.

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DeFi Ambassador| Content Creator| Copywriter

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Akanimo Rex

Akanimo Rex

DeFi Ambassador| Content Creator| Copywriter

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