Horizontal and Vertical Ecosystem Made Just For You

Keplerswap rolled out their project vision and goals a while ago and their aim is to give users a new, better version of Decentralised Finance that which beats Defi1.0.

Besides providing a sophisticated and open cross-chain platform for DeFi services only, Keplerswap introduced the Horizontal and Vertical ecosystem which would help in the unity of users and the community growth in general.I will be explaining in details each of the ecosystems and how they are important in building the community.

Horizontal Ecosystem

In the horizontal ecosystem, new users are required to have a referral relationship with existing users.While all referral connections are permanently connected, the invitee’s income are tied with the inviter.Its purpose is to reshape the approach ecological members swap with each other and their networks, making transactions more comfortable, eventually assisting more people to engagein trading KeplerSwap assets and receive the analogous rewards, which will greatly affect the existing distributed financial system.

It works this way:

  • An Inviter can gain a portion of liquidity market making revenue from his invitees

Vertical Ecosystem

In this ecosystem, users are allowed to are able to invite more people to partakein community promotion order to provide more support for community expansion collectively. This system is improved by the feature created by Keplerswap called SPACE , which helps the community realize full autonomousity.


With these two ecosystem in place,Keplerswap is set to change the level of community interaction in Defi.This will the have a vital impact on the blockchain space and it will definitely be a great step in achieving true Governance.

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