Get Lucky with LUCKY POOL

In the goal to upgrade Defi1.0 and beat it’s limitations,one of the amazing features brought in by Keplerswap is the LUCKY POOL. Put into straight words, it is a reward system for liquidity providers.

Anyone can get a chance at the lucky pool as far you make a liquidity market or recommending one.

A smart contract will select a random number of users. Fifty percent (50%) bonus from the pool is allotted to one user and the remaining 50% is allotted to users equally. The selection is made through a unique algorithm which ensures its randomization by combining mining data, transaction data and user data.

visual representation of the allocation of the pool

Keplerswap’s LUCKY POOL differs from the contemporary “lottery” logic, being that , in a lottery, a player has to pay to be able to participate in the lottery, which the player might not end up winning .In LUCKY POOL, the determining factor is not dependent on if you bought any of the products, only if you made a liquidity market or you recommended one.

This is another gigantic milestone cleared to the actualization of Defi2.0 and Keplerswap is up to the task of bringing that to us users with every intent of solving Defi1.0 limitations.So prepare yourself, and when the time comes, jump in and be the LUCKY ONE.

Check out their community for more information


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