DefiDollar:The month in a wrap

Defidollar is a multichain Defi Protcol Lab aimed at taking decentralized finance to the next level. With the objective of solving the associated risks involved in stablecoin index, Defidollar has products create to back it up.

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With the work the team has been putting in, we can only expect the best from them. This article is about their activities through out the month.

From the recruiting of Ambassadors, Defidollar has been pushing their vision steadily.From one of their products , ibBTC listing on C.R.E.A.M, a big milestone in their journey was crossed.Their AMA with the CEO of Xendfinance which happened on the 4th August 2021 at 5pm IST was enlightening and rewards were given to the best questions asked.

The moshpit for Openeth was launched also on that day and Defidollar released staking v2 and successfully migrated staked $DFD from v1 to v2 and users were asked to follow suit. They introduced the ibBTC fee sharing and also their website redesign and makeover which focused more on their products.

They have engaged the community at large by conducting surveys, giveaways to 20 lucky community members through a gleam competition
Another AMA session was held between Cryptoverse and Defidollar co-founder which much was shared. They launched their Newsletter August ending, where subscribers can be given latest updates and news about the projects.

One of the biggest milestone covered was the launching of their product , ibBTC on Ethereum, mintable on BadgerDao interface. They also ventured into the solana ecosystem by using a cross-chain exchange platform, Saber.

Defidollar finance is set to revolutionize the defi ecosystem through their innovative products. August has been a success, they aim for more!.All they need is our support as community members to grow and invest and watch your bags grow.

DeFi Ambassador| Content Creator| Copywriter