DAO powered by Keplerswap

DAO is made or designed to be a decentralized and automated organization. It functions as a sort of open-source venture capital fund, with no normal management structure or board of directors.

Consider them an internet-native business that their members collectively own and govern. They have built-in treasuries to which no one can have access without the group’s permission. Proposals and voting are used to make decisions, ensuring that everyone in the organization gets a say.

How do they work?

A DAO’s smart contract is its backbone. The contract establishes the organization’s norms and safeguards the group’s funds. No one can change the rules after the contract is live except by a vote. It will fail if someone tries to do something that isn’t covered by the code’s rules and logic. Furthermore, because the funds is also defined by the smart contract, no one can use the funds without everybody knowing about it.

What Makes it Different?

How Does This Relate to Keplerswap?

As we all know, Keplerswap’s token, $SDS(Seeds Token) is listing soon after months of hard work and consistency and there is so much potential about it. One of the privileges gotten as a holder of this token is the opportunity to be part of a DAO. This means that you get to have all these benefits listed above.

Keplerswap is set to bring about something amazing with this launch of its token and it will definitely be one of the best we have ever seen.

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