Keplerswap :More Features

Akanimo Rex
2 min readSep 2, 2021

Keplerswap is a project aimed at revolutionizing the Defi ecosystem by upgrading and fixing the issues Defi1.0 brought with it by rolling out Defi2.0.

In the last articles, I focused on their major features which included Horizontal and Vertical ecosystem, LUCKY pool, and SPACE . With all of these, Keplerswap still has more in store for us in terms of functionality. Below are some of the features and usecases we can look forward to

Platform Governance Token

SDS logo

The currency , $SDS which Keplerswap plans to launch on the third week of this month, will be used for governance and supplement other benefits and interests of users in the KeplerSwap ecosystem. Holders of this token will be able to participate in governance rights , conduct swaps, use it as a bond guarantee and as a medium for deduction in platform fees. According to the whitepaper

Once the KeplerSwap platform governance token is released, all liquid market-making income willbe issued in the form of platform based token. The timing and delivery of the platform token is determined by joint community voting, and will be the first DeFi platform to achieve true decentralized autonomy in community governance.

Decentralised Lending

Keplerswap is introducing a new form of lending system which is meant to be seamless and smarter. Users can borrow the corresponding currency as collateral in proportion to their needs and the amount of available funds. Keplerswap will also support services such as futures trading. Traders can borrow funds for margin trading through the platform’s margin loan agreement with the lender.

Flash Swap

KeplerSwap is introducing Flash Swap which supports two different supply pool tokens upon return. This feature solves the issue of Defi1.0 allowing the user to “cash first return later”.

The Oracle

The Oracle is a Keplerswap mechanism which reads read historical data various times to reduce costs. It can also calculateprice data from the past 10 days , to save compiled prices. It helps by avoiding price imbalances caused by artificial trading. It also prevents attackers from taking wide margins.


With these features, KeplerSwap aims to make the DeFi 2.0 explorer platform usable in the most open and innovative decentralized environment. KeplerSwap will attract global geeks to jointly initiate technological innovations and bring more ideas to decentralized finance.

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